Upgrade PS4 Hard Drive and Keep Jailbreak.
Upgrade PS4 Hard Drive and Keep Jailbreak.

This guide will allow PS4 users to upgrade the internal hard drive to a larger hard drive or SSD without losing their jailbreak, games, themes, or saves.

Files and Hardware Needed:

1) Recovery Firmware: https://sce.party/ps4/firmwares
(Under Recovery)
2) Hard Drive or Solid State Drive (SSD)
3) External USB or Hard Drive

Step 1: Format External Storage

  • Format the external hard drive or USB drive to exFat and plug it into the USB slot of the PS4.

Step 2: Verify Storage Space 

  • On the PS4, go to Settings/Storage.

  • Verify that the external storage is big enough to hold the PS4 contents that are going to be transferred,

    • If you don’t have enough storage, you will need to delete some games.

    • Deleting games does not remove the save files.

Step 3: Back up PS4 Data

  • Go back to Settings / System / Back up and Restore.

  • Press Yes (it reminds you to sync your trophies to your PSN but that’s not possible on a jailbroken PS4).

  • Press Yes again (another reminder about how the saved data is tied to your PlayStation, so you can’t use it on another PS4.)

  • Uncheck any contents you do not want to back up and then press Back up.

    • Applications are the games installed on the PS4.

  • The PS4 will create a backup folder on the external storage and then restart.

Step 4: Wait for PS4 to Transfer Data

  • The PS4 is now transferring the backup data to the USB drive or external hard drive. 

    • Note: For me, 220 GB of data took 5 hours to transfer. If you are transferring anywhere close to 1 TB or more it could take the whole day!

  • Once the transfer is done, turn off the PS4 and remove the external storage. 

Step 5: Download Recovery Firmware

  • Go to https://sce.party/ps4/firmwares, click on Recovery, and download the firmware your PS4 is on.

    • The available options are 5.05, 6.72, or 7.02.

    • Make sure it is a recovery firmware, it should be close to 1 GB in size.

  • Once the download is complete save it on your computer.

  • Then plug in the USB Drive/external hard drive.

  • You will now have a folder called PS4, and this contains the games, saved data, themes, and whatever else you saved.

  • So inside the ps4 folder, create a new folder called “UPDATE” all CAPS under the Export Folder. 

  • Then put the PS4 recovery file you just downloaded into the UPDATE folder. 

    • Do not rename this file it should say “PS4UPDATE.PUP” otherwise the PS4 won’t detect this file.

  • Once done, eject the external drive and start unplugging your PS4.

Step 6: Remove Old Hard Drive

  • The hard drive is located at the back of the PS4 Pro. 

    • Refer to the official Sony Playstation site for information on where the hard drive is on other PS4 here

  • Remove the cover protecting the hard drive.

  • Remove the PlayStation screw holding down the hard drive.

  • Pull out the hard drive enclosure.

  • Use a screwdriver to remove the 4 screws on the sides of the hard drive.

Step 7: Install New Hard Drive/SSD

  • Unbox and open the new hard drive or SSD.

  • Put the new drive in the encasement holding the old hard drive. 

  • Don’t worry if the new hard drive doesn’t touch the button of the case like the old PS4 harddrive. The screws will keep it in place. 

  • Put the new drive back in the PS4

  • Screw in the PlayStation screw, put back in the cover.

  • Plug in the PS4.

  • Plug in the external storage, attached the PS4 controller to a usb cord, and attached that to the PS4.

Step 8: Boot PS4 in Safe Mode

  • To boot the PS4 in safe mode, hold the power button for 7 seconds.

    • You will hear 1 beep and then a second beep 7 seconds later.

  • In safemode, Press X on #7 initialize PS4.


    • This should be the only available option.

  • It will say connect a controller through USB press OK.

  • Then it will ask to connect a USB Device, press OK again.

Step 9: Install Recovery Firmware

  • Press YES to initialize the PS4.

  • Wait for the PS4 to install the recovery firmware.

Step 10: Restore Backup Data

  • On the PS4, reapply your settings again.

    • The wi-fi information is saved so you can skip that.

  • Go to Settings/System.

  • Then Backup and Restore.

  • Press enter on our backup data.

  • Press Restore and then keep pressing Yes to all the messages.

Step 11: Confirm Data was Restored.

After the PS4 reset, confirm all your data was restored.

  • Go to Settings / Storage to see if the file size matches.

  • Apply Hen/Mira and try out your games/saves. 

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