Install PKG, Updates, and DLCs

This guide will show you how to install PKG files and/or the updates and DLCs associated with it

Files and Hardware Needed

1) PKG File
2) USB Drive



Step 1: Download Firmware

  • Download the firmware of your choice (5.05, 6.72, 7.02) by clicking on System in the link.

    • You can only download a firmware that is higher than your PS4 firmware, you can not downgrade to a lower firmware.

Step 2: Create Folder

  • Created a new folder called UPDATE.

  • Put the PS4UPDATE.PUP into the UPDATE folder.

  • Create a new folder called PS4 and put the UPDATE folder in the PS4 folder.

Step 3: Transfer to USB Drive

  • Transfer the PS4 folder to an USB Drive.

Step 4: Plug USB into PS4

Step 5: Turn off WiFi

  • On the PS4, go to Settings/Network and uncheck Connect to the Internet.

    • This is a precaution to prevent the PS4 from downloading the newest Update.

Step 6: Turn off Automatic Downloads

  • Go to Settings/System/Automatic Downloads and uncheck all the boxes.

    • This is a precaution to prevent the PS4 from downloading the newest Update.

    • You should always have these boxes uncheck for a Jailbroken PS4.

Step 7: Install Update on PS4

  • Go to Settings/System Software Update.

  • Make sure the Version matches the update file you downloaded.

  • Click NEXT and then UPDATE.

Step 8: Wait for PS4 to Install Update

  • Wait for the PS4 to finish installing the update, it takes about 10 minutes.

Step 9: Confirm Update in System Information

  • Confirm the Update was successful by going to Settings/System/System Information.



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